February 6, 2024

Hartenbos Brain Profile Practitioner

Accredited Personal Brain Profile Practitioner Hartenbos

Accredited Personal Brain Profile Practitioner Hartenbos

NBI Brain Profile Practitioner Hartenbos

Your thoughts affect every aspect of your life as well as your entire being. Knowing and also understanding why you make certain decisions and react the way you do, can be an extremely helpful tool. Heidi Bantjes-Oosthuizen from HB Bookkeepers has a passion for helping entrepreneurs and also individuals to reach their full potential. Part of the process is offering personal brain profile assessments. Heidi is an accredited brain profile practitioner from the Dr Kobus Neethling Brain Institute. A brain profile from NBI (Neethling Brain Instruments) gives an indication of how a person:
  • Communicates
  • Act towards other people / in certain situations.
  • Do business.
  • Learns
  • Teaches
  • Solves Problems
  • Makes Decisions
By understanding your brain’s thinking preferences you can improve your relationships, contribute better to your team, students will understand how to use their strengths and preferences to learn better as well as make better career choices. If you would like to understand your brain’s thinking preferences and have a brain profile done by Heidi, contact her today to make an appointment. If you would like to start/expand your own business, she offers a six-month holistic program where the brain profile is part of this program. Accredited Personal Brain Profile Practitioner Hartenbos Visit the Garden Route Business Directory for information on more businesses in the Garden Route as well as in the Klein Karoo. The post Accredited Personal Brain Profile Practitioner Hartenbos first appeared on Lalakoi Directory. The post Hartenbos Brain Profile Practitioner first appeared on Lalakoi Publishing Network.

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