Brand Chemical Supplies

Brand Chemical Supplies

Cleaning Supplies in Mossel Bay

Cleaning Supplies Mossel Bay

Brand Chemical Supplies, centrally located in Bland Street Mossel Bay offers a large range of cleaning products and supplies for industrial, as well as household cleaning.  Our cleaning supplies are affordable and of the highest standard to ensure customer satisfaction.
Brand Chemical Supplies product range includes cleaning supplies ideal for
  • Household and Kitchen Cleaning
  • Floor, Tile and Window Care
  • Office and Workshop Cleaning
  • Industrial Laundries and Launderettes
  • Contract Cleaning Businesses
  • Schools and Kindergartens
  • Hotels and Hospitality Industry
  • Food and Beverage Suppliers
  • Automobile and Car Wash Industry
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Retail Industry

Home and Office Cleaning Chemicals and Supplies in Mossel Bay

 Cleaning Supplies Mossel Bay
Brand Chemical Supplies offers the affordable yet extremely efficient cleaning solution of all home and office cleaning. We offer a range of powerful cleaning chemical covering all aspects of cleaning such as floors, tiles, windows, carpets, bathrooms, kitchen etc. We invite cleaning companies to view our large range of cleaning products for the cleaning of office blocks, malls, schools, hotels and more! Struggling with oil or grease marks on your driveway or paving, visit us for expert advice.

Automotive Cleaning Supplies in Mossel Bay

Whether you have your own car valet business or want to wash your car at home, Brand Chemical Supplies offers all necessities for automotive cleaning ranging from cleaning equipment to cleaning products.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning Products in Mossel Bay

Struggling with dirty carpets and tiles that just never seen clean, visit us for our range of floor and carpet cleaning solutions.